Monday, March 27, 2017

Braids #6

Hello again!
Today we are going to do a different variation on the rope braid. It is very quick and easy and very similar to the other rope braid, so if you know how to do that you should be able to do this. Lets get going!

Rope Braid #2

1. Comb Hair.

2. Put in pony tail.

3. Divide pony into three sections.

4. Take the section on the right, and twist it (always twist to the right) only twist a little way down.

5. Now take the twisted part and cross it over the other two sections.

6. Take the new right section and do the same thing (steps 4. and 5.)

About Halfway

7. Repeat until you come to the bottom. (The reason you don't just twist the stands all the way is it doesn't come untwisted this way.)

                  You can have a long...

Or a short end.

8. Secure with a hair-tie and you're done!

I hope everyone had fun, Thanks for reading!


  1. Intriguing! I do this for my daughters with just two sections, but I'm going to have to try the three sections next time one of them is willing to sit down and have their hair played with.

  2. Great! I hope you do it's really pretty easy.


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