Friday, March 3, 2017

Braids #4

Welcome back!
Today I'm going to do two french braids. This will be pretty easy if you know how to do a french braid, so go find out how HERE. It will also be easier if you know how to do a regular braid, and you can find how to do that Here. Now lets get going!

Two French Braids

1. comb Hair.

2. Part in the middle.

3. Take the right side and take a little from the top and divide into three.

4. Cross the right section over the middle one.

5. Cross the left section over the new middle one.

6. Now before you cross the right over the middle again, take a small bit of hair from the side of the head (near ear) and join it with the right section , then cross it over.

7. Do the same thing with the left section.

Take from part.

Cross over.

8. Repeat steps 6. and 7. until neck.

9. You can stop here and end in a pony tail or continue in a regular braid.

Pony tail ending

Braid ending

10. Secure with hair-tie and repeat on other side.

             You can have a long...

Or a short end.

11. You're done! Wear your hairstyle with a smile! (or tell the person you're doing it on to. ;)

There you are, I hope every one had fun and gets to try this out!

P.S. Sorry about the pictures, they weren't the best today. : /


  1. This looks cool!!! Is there any way you can do it on yourself? I can't.

    1. I can do it on myself but it is usually messy. You just have to feel what you're doing with your fingers, or you can look in the mirror. :D


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