Monday, February 20, 2017


I've decided that every week on Monday and Friday I'll have pictures of and a tutorial of how to do a different braid, I'll start with the simplest and just keep going harder. In hope this is fun for everyone! Well, here goes!

Regular Three Strand Braid

  1.  Comb Hair.


2. Separate into three even sections of hair.

3. Take the section from the right and cross it over the one in the middle.

4. Then, take the one on the left and cross it over the new middle one.

 5. Repeat steps three and four until the end of the hair.

Halfway done

6. You can have a long end...

Or a short one.

7. Secure with a hair-tie.
There you have it! Most people know how to do this, so if you do, or you do now, I hope you try it out! Have a great day!!!

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