Saturday, February 25, 2017

Braids #2

Welcome back, Today I'm going to do a French braid, I'm sorry I didn't get this out yesterday I was having computer problems (if you know what I mean.) So if you don't know how to do a regular braid go find out how HERE. Because it might be easier to do this if you know how to do a regular braid.

This braided hairstyle has been used for thousands of years. It was depicted in art from early Greek, Celtic and Sung dynasty periods.

The phrase "French braid" appears in an 1871 issue of Arthur's Home Magazine, used in a piece of short fiction that describes it as a new hairstyle (" up your hair in that new French braid..."). However, no visual illustrations are provided for that context, making it impossible to tell whether it refers to the same hairstyle.
In French, the hairstyle is called "tresse française" (i.e. "French braid").
I hope everyone has fun, here we go!

French Braid

1. Comb Hair



 2. Separate into three even sections at top of head (don't use all of the hair, just a bit off the top.)

3. Cross the right section of hair over the middle section of hair, and the left over that just like you would in a regular braid.

4.  Now before you cross over the one on the right again you are going to take a section of hair from the right side of the head and join it with the right strand and than cross it over the middle strand.

5. Do the same thing on the left.

6. Repeat steps 4. and 5. until you're at the bottom of the neck.

Now I'll go through this one more time because it's kind of tricky

Take the one on the left, and take a small strand of hair from the left side of the hair line and join it with the other strand and than cross it over.

About Halfway
 7. Now when you get here you can either: stop here and have it be a pony tail, or you will have three big sections of hair just like for a regular braid and you keep braiding and end into a regular braid.

Halfway through end braid

            You can have a long...

                Or a short end.

8. Secure with a hair-tie, and you're done!

I hope everyone had fun, I did. Please come back soon to see what I'll do next!


  1. Oh! I like that you put some of the history! I did not know that about French braids!
    That is perfectly fine, my computer is annoying all the time. :)

    1. Oh, thanks! I thought it would be kind of cool to do some history. This computer is going to drive me boncers!!!!!


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